Classic pop

Lately I’ve really been into classic pop, that feelin’ groovy kind of music that often had nothing really to say, but just makes you feel, well, kinda grooy.  One of my favorite radio stations plays a lot of this stuff, which is why it’s one of my favorite radio stations. This past weekend I tortured my kids with a road trip tuned in to this station. It’s good for them.

One of the songs they played was Five O’Clock World by the Vogues.  It’s gotten kind of stuck in my brain, as some songs do.  So, for your listening (and viewing) enjoyment, ladies and gentlemen, The Vogues:

My wife commented that this was used as a sitcom theme; I couldn’t place it at the time, but this morning it came to me, it was used on the Drew Carey show, with that great choreography.


~ by Alden on July 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Classic pop”

  1. Um, I think the lyrics are relevant to our world. Damn machines and computers were so supposed to give us shorter weeks and hours, but I still work till five, five days a week.

    I like this shoot, and I wonder if it was inspired by Friz Lang’s Metropolis.

  2. Yeah, I’m convinced that my company gave us laptops so we can work after 5pm. But, I’ve started a new routine: at 5:00 I turn off work and turn on Monk.

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